Scottish income tax

Scotland's draft Budget for 2018/19 has now been released and details of the proposed Scottish tax changes can be found here

UK Autumn Budget 2017

Last month the UK Government published their Autumn Budget 2017 documents together with a 25 point summary of things that you need to know and further details can be found here Also, details of the Autumn 2017 Budget tax changes can be found here at chapter 4
As a result of the above, many more HMRC tax consultations have been opened and further details of those can be found here

More on tax avoidance

The Tax Justice Network is worth following and their December, 2017 monthly podcast is also worth listening to and you can find more details and a download link for that here
Also, you may like to sign up for emails from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists who have played an integral part in monitoring developments with the Panama and then the Paradise papers and further details can be found here
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Contributed by: David Watts, of Watts Woollett LLP, E:, W: