Contributed by: Inter-Tax consultants

A Swiss start-up portal Startupticker has published Swiss Startup Radar 2019/20 with fresh data and focus on exits form Swiss start-up companies. Mr. Kyora and Mr. Rockinger evaluated data on 5.000 Swiss start-ups and 250,000 foreign start-ups. They identified 450 exits from Swiss companies and learned the sales price or evaluations after the IPOs of more than 120 companies. The data shows it is feasible to set up a Swiss start-up and sell it for more than CHF 100 million within a few years.

Exits of more than CHF 100 Million are dominated by pharma and biotech sector, these companies having made almost a half of these large transactions. They also attract money and highly reputable investors as the recent case of raising up CHF 15 million for Series A financing of ImmunOs Therapeutics shows. Higher exits correlate to increasing number of start-ups being set-up as the comparison with Israeli data proves.

The IT sector however is also a strong one in Valuations and stands equal with London with regard of number of Crypto and Blockchain investments, having a big lead over German and French ones.

A Light-Touch Regulation with the Crypto Valley Zug provides a good platform for growth of digital business. If you wish to receive a free PDF copy of the Report let us know, we will send it by email.

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